Help, I’ve Waited Too Long to Sell My Inherited House

Help, I’ve Waited Too Long to Sell My Inherited House

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Selling an inherited house can be a time consuming and stressful process no matter how long it takes.

Every year, millions of Americans inherit property, be it land, a single-family home, a house in disrepair, a rental property, multi-family housing, a ranch, or commercial property, most commonly after the passing of a loved one, adding to the emotional intensity of the situation.

Beneficiaries of inherited property sometimes delay the decision to sell. The reason could be that they are simply too busy with life’s many other demands, there could be renters occupying the property, squatters, or even family members. Other common reasons include prolonged listing process with a traditional real estate agent or a retail buyer that backs out of the deal.

Eventually many beneficiaries decide that they want to sell the property as quickly as possible in its current condition. Drivers of this decision include property taxes piling up, growing maintenance and repair costs, fines (city, county, neighborhood), lack of desire to be a landlord, the property is not suitable for rental, family members who won’t leave the property, and many others.

Selling through real estate agents can be an experience full stress and uncertainty as you have no idea of how long you will have to wait to sell the house or what price you will get – is it over priced. You’re in limbo for an indefinite period, struggling to make plans or make progress, usually expecting the mobile to ring, and having to vacate the premises at a moment’s notice for showings. You will not need to undergo the hectic period of having numerous buyers walking through your home and having to impress every one of them. Also, it is difficult to know whether the agent you’ve picked is working as hard as they can to market the property for you because traditional real estate agents have multiple properties in their books competing for their attention.

Fortunately, there is a terrific solution for your predicament. Real estate investors, such as Reimagine Realty Solutions, excel at helping beneficiaries quickly sell their inherited property, making the entire process faster, simpler, and hassle-free. A speedy cash sale relieves the stress of selling an inherited property, rendering it the perfect answer for those who have waited so long to sell their inherited real estate without delay.

Reimagine Realty Solutions is a professional investor in the Austin area – beautiful Hill Country – Central Texas. We specialize in helping individuals quickly sell their real estate in Texas. You don’t need to worry about the condition the property is left in, as we buy any type of real estate, including single family houses, in any condition.

As the leading real estate investing company that buys inherited real estate in the Austin area, we can provide you with a CASH offer to close quickly and help you move on with your life.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you sell your inherited house fast in the Austin area: or call us at (512) 575-2222.

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