Sell an Inherited House in Austin Texas

Sell an Inherited House in Austin Texas

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So, you’ve inherited real estate property in the Austin area – Central Texas – beautiful hill country. That’s a good thing, right?

Life is an incredible blessing and should be cherished and celebrated. But one thing certain in life, unfortunately, is the death of loved ones. Beyond grieving and celebrating memories, the passing of a family member, especially if they are a father or mother, entails multiple processes related to their estate that can take weeks and sometimes several months to work through. The millions of Americans that endure this natural occurrence every year must carefully examine their loved one’s estates, wills, and inheritance while maneuvering family dynamics.

Often, people find themselves as beneficiaries of inherited real estate, be it land, a single-family home, a house in disrepair, a rental property, multi-family housing, a ranch, or commercial property. After receiving the final document stating the property is legally yours and everything has been probated according to the law, you may have lots of ideas and possibilities going through your mind. While surely grateful for being named the beneficiary for this property, there are also many challenges that come with deciding what to do with it. And that all depends on the type of property inherited, condition, and location.

A real estate investor can buy your house from you no matter what the condition the house or property is in – whether in excellent condition or if there are issues with foundation, mold, water damage, out of date finishing, leaky roofs, fire damage, insect problems, overgrown landscape, structural issues, hoarding, etc. (any condition).

Making use of a real estate investor is a terrific way to get a quick sale on the property without paying costly real estate agent commissions (typically 6% or $12,000 for a $200,000 house) and closing costs (typically $2,000 to $5,000). Unlike a real estate agent, investors provide an immediate estimate for your home value and make you a CASH OFFER, then buy “as is”, requiring no repairs or renovation, with a concise timeline. You can surely appreciate the value of a quick-closing cash offer if you have ever had a traditional retail buyer back out at the 11th hour from a deal to buy your home, after wasting 2-3 months of your time and money with them (an unfortunate but all too common occurrence).

With an assurance of a sale that is practically immediate; selling to a real estate investor assures your cash needs will be met. With cash in hand, you have the confidence and money to manage all your problems and meet your commitments.

By now, you have realized that if you sell your inherited house to Reimagine Realty Solutions, the leading real estate investor in the Austin Texas area, you can take advantage of many benefits when compared with the traditional way of selling by an individual or through an estate agent.

Also, by selling the house quickly, you would avoid the need to pay any Capital Gains Tax which could be due if you held onto the property for any length of time.

Reimagine Realty Solutions is a professional investor in the Austin area that specializes in helping individuals quickly sell their house or other types of real estate in Texas. We offer a host of solutions for those in need of cash.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you sell your inherited house fast in the Austin area: or call us at (512) 575-2222.

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